"Stars and Colors" is a fictional story based on the non-fictional events of the Waco Seige and fires in Waco, Texas lead by cult leader David Koresh.  Two lovers are part of his congregation and decide to sacrifice themselves into the flames while holding each other until the non-bitter end ("As our hands turn to sand").  


As the stars fall down in Waco

I saw your eyes, white and polarized

As the wine flows down in Waco

We celebrate all the loves we hate


Stars and Colors

Surround me down

The boulevard


As the stars soar down in Waco

We shared the plot

that is not forgot

As the stars fall down, down

We can't be stopped


Stars and Colors

Surround me down

The Boulevard


Stars and flowers

Surround me like 

A pair of jaws


As the fires grow down in Waco

We grasp our hands

As they both turn to sand